IUPUI adheres to Indiana University Board of Trustees policies, and IU academic, administrative and executive policies, as well as federal and state laws and rules. All policies communicate how campus and university business is conducted.

To review new, existing and recently revised policies please refer to the University Policies website. To submit a campus policy for consideration, please download the template to create a policy draft and submit to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at adpolicy@iupui.edu.

Policy Advisory Committee

The IUPUI Policy Advisory Committee consists of representatives - including administrators, faculty and staff - from all divisions and schools across campus as well as both Faculty and Staff Councils.

The committee meets regularly and acts as a resource and advocates for members of the IUPUI community by soliciting and considering input from their respective units regarding proposed policies and procedures; using the input and their own experience to recommend edits and clarification to proposed policies and procedures in line with the realities of campus and university operations; and imparting knowledge of active policy initiatives to their respective units. 

Policy Advisory Committee Members

  • Sherri Alexander – School of Engineering & Technology 
  • Rachael Applegate – Office of Academic Affairs 
  • Simon Atkinson – Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research 
  • Kristy Beach – Staff Council 
  • Jennifer Boehm – Office of Community Engagement 
  • Camy Broeker – Division of Finance and Administration 
  • Karen Dace – Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
  • Kip Drew – University Policy Officer 
  • Paul Edwards – School of Dentistry 
  • Christine Fitzpatrick – Chancellor’s Office 
  • Margie Ferguson – Office of Academic Affairs 
  • Barbara Friesth – School of Nursing 
  • Lorna Griffin – Kelley School of Business 
  • Kathy Johnson – Office of Academic Affairs 
  • Karen Lee – Office of Academic Affairs 
  • Tammy Martin – Kelley School of Business 
  • Kindra Orr – University Library 
  • Sara Peterson – Capital Facility Services 
  • Mike Pitts – McKinney School of Law 
  • Jeff Plawecki – Capital Facility Services 
  • Susan Schaeffer – Division of Undergraduate Education 
  • Margie Smith-Simmons – Campus Policy Officer 
  • Jason Spratt – Division of Student Affairs 
  • John Walton – Faculty Council
  • Mary Dankoski – School of Medicine

Finance and Administration

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