Finance & Administration

Service with Distinction

We in Finance and Administration have been a part of shaping a culture to ensure that all customers experience a distinctively high level of service in every interaction they have with our campus community. As a result of our commitment to Service with Distinction, we create a competitive advantage at IUPUI that sets us apart from other institutions of higher education. Our collective efforts support the recruitment and retention of high quality students at IUPUI. Furthermore, we attract, retain, and develop a top-notch group of highly qualified and diverse employees within our campus community. Service with Distinction furthers IUPUI's reputation as an employer of choice in the Indianapolis community.

Program Details

Criteria for Nomination

To be considered for the Service with Distinction award, nominees must work in the Division of Finance and Administration and excel in the behaviors attributed to one or more of the standards identified in the Service with Distinction model. Examples of ways in which these behaviors are exhibited will be part of the nomination form.

Ownership/ Accountability

  • Demonstrate "I am my Department, IUPUI, the University"
  • Follow through in a timely manner
  • Follow up
  • Display a "can-do" attitude
  • Be collaborative/build partnerships


  • Be approachable
  • Be available
  • Be accessible

Knowledge/ Spirit of Excellence

  • Know how to do your job
  • Be willing to learn
  • Stay current in the field
  • Seek others' input
  • Display high integrity and ethics


  • Display common courtesy, friendliness
  • Show kindness, consideration, andcaring
  • Respond with a personal touch/eye contact
  • Demonstrate a welcoming and enthusiastic demeanor
  • Have a mindset of "I'm glad you are here. I am here to help"


  • Create an understanding
  • Listen for underlying needs and concerns
  • Demonstrate responsiveness


  • Be present in the moment; remain focused on individual's needs
  • Value individual contributions
  • Exhibit humility
  • Appreciate the diversity of people
  • Value individual uniqueness


  • Pitch in
  • Ask for help
  • Be innovative
  • Anticipate and identify needs
  • Know what you don't know and make a referral
  • Demonstrate the spirit of inquiry/be proactive


  • Treat everyone as important
  • Operate within defined parameters
  • Display fair treatments of others
  • Deliver consistent information
  • Empower others

Nomination Process

Supervisors, co-workers, any IU employee, and any customers can submit nominations. Nominations will be routed to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and the relevant AVC will receive notification of the nomination. Each nominee will receive an auto-generated email notifying them of their nomination, which SwD attribute was mentioned in the nomination and description of the SwD Award process. Nominations will be reviewed on a monthly basis by a committee comprised of representatives from all units; the committee will recommend up to 5 for consideration by the VC and AVC's.

Monthly Award

The nominations forwarded to the VC and AVC's will be reviewed on a monthly basis and up to 3 nominees will be selected to receive the monthly Service with Distinction Award.

The monthly Award winner(s)/Team(s) will receive:

  • A congratulations email from Vice Chancellor
  • A certificate from the Office of Vice Chancellor
  • Consideration for the Annual Award.
Annual Award

The VC chooses one winner and the Annual Award winner/team:

  • Will be recognized at the FIAD Annual Meeting
  • Receives a congratulations note from the Vice Chancellor
  • Receives a plaque engraved with their name
  • An engraved name plate added to the Annual SwD Award plaque to be displayed in the Vice Chancellor's office
  • A monetary award

Monthly Award Recipients

Annual Award Recipients

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2016 Annual Winner

Ryan Lattimore

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2015 Annual Winners

Winnie Bulaya & Terry Johnson

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